Brief description of project cude-BEM .

The project «cude-BEM Customer Driven Efficient Building Energy Management», has been included in the action 1.b.1.2-a3 FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH & INNOVATION IN THE PRIORITY SECTOR OF RIS3 «ENERGY APPLICATIONS» PLANNING, within the boundaries of the Business program «South Greece 2014-2020» and having as partners MΕΑΖΟΝ Anonymous Corporation of Electronic Systems (Moderator Partner), DYNACOMP Anonymous Commercial and Biomechanics Corporation of Electronic Systems and other relevant kinds, CITIWAVE SYSTEMS Telecommunications and Informatics Corporation of Limited Responsibilities and the Civil Engineer Department, University of Patras.

With goal the personalized and in real time energy management and by extension the Energy Saving of Corporation Building Establishment, the project cude-BEM develops an innovative methodology and a standard web tool for smart energy management that takes into consideration multiple data sources:

               Building's static characteristics,

               Data on the corporation's operational processes,

               Data on the building's IoT sensors and controllers,

               User comments and feedback

The complete system depends on IoT technologies and low budget meters, sensors, controllers and activators, on cloud infrastructure and software for the smart system of energy management and saving development.

Among the Cude-bem actions are includedι:

  • Project's Strategic Planning and Management (ΕΕ1)
  • Study of the State of the art analysis in the place of IoT energy management and cloud / mobile services (ΕΕ2)
  • Analysis and designing of distributed applications Smart Energy Management and Web and Systemic expansions of logistic infrastructures of IoT energy Management (ΕΕ3)
  • Development of distributed applications Smart Energy Management and Web and Systemic expansions of logistic infrastructures of IoT energy Management, System Completion (ΕΕ4)
  • Pilot Application / Installation (ΕΕ5)
  • Result's Dispersion and utilization (ΕΕ6)
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